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Top 4 places to visit in Cordoba, Argentina
Top 4 places to visit in Cordoba, Argentina

As tourists, it’s easy to think that in every country, the capital city is the one with the best places to see. Nevertheless, there are other big cities that host many places that can be fun or interesting. This is the case of Argentina, even when Buenos Aires is a great destination by itself, Cordoba, the second largest city of the country, has a lot of outstanding places that remark the Argentinean culture and history that makes it worth visiting. If you don’t know where to start on your next visit, then check the top 4 places to visit in Cordoba!

– In the fourth place we can find Los Gigantes. This is an incredible natural park that can be found in the Cordoba Mountains. This place is the best one for those hiking lovers that love to keep in touch with nature. Of course, there’s more than just hiking, like going on a 4by4 off-road adventure, towing service rock climbing or even cave visiting. Animal enthusiasts will go crazy as lizards, condors and even pumas are easy to spot during the walks. The Pampa de Achala is waiting for you in the outer regions of Cordoba.

– The third place of the top goes to the Paseo del Buen Pastor. If you visit this place today, you will never imagine that this once was a prison for women. This is one of the best places in Cordoba to get in touch with Argentinean culture and history as there are tons of activities in the facility that have that purpose. Also, the mix between the shopping area that holds restaurants and bars with the art galleries and exhibits will make you feel nice. Try to visit it when there are concerts scheduled to enjoy the most of it!

– Reaching the second spot, we come to find the Evita Fine Arts Museum. If you wanted to learn about history, you came to the right place here. This museum located in the Ferreyra Palace (near to the place on the first place of our Top) counts with numerous exhibit halls and a garden full of sculptures that have many stories to tell. The museum counts with an incredible book collection that will make literature fans drop their jaw. Beauty and knowledge will be waiting for you there.

– Now, on the top of our list, we get to know the Sarmiento Park. While in the city, this is the best spot to enjoy nature without getting too far from it. There are many activities to do and many more places within the park that will leave you astonished, such as the rose bushes, the fountains and of course, the artificial lake that is the most attractive part of the park. The park is not just about gardens, you can find a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy a nice meal and charge up energies to keep going on your visit.

These are just a few places to visit in Cordoba. Pick one and start your tour!