5 Places you must visit if you’re looking for relaxation within a budget

5 Places you must visit if you’re looking for relaxation within a budget 5 Places you must visit if you’re looking for relaxation within a budget

Traveling is often intended to be a getaway from everyday situations and stress, which means relaxation is the key to have a successful trip. Nevertheless, most of tourism sites tend to portray the most exotic (and, of course, expensive) places when someone is looking for the best destinations to relax and budget can be a stressful factor that can sometimes be stressful. But don’t fear, here you have the best 5 destinations that are friendly with your bank account!

Our first place is South Padre Island. Many people won’t believe that Texas holds a great beach destination. This place is located in the southern coast of the state and you might want to avoid it during spring because of its spring break parties, but during the early stages of fall, water is still warm enough to go there and enjoy a bath in the beach, sailing, water parks and even watching the dolphins swim. Water parks and kiteboarding are also a great plan for those who are fan of adventure.

Moving onto a way more exotic place we find Phuket, Thailand. Even when you’re looking for a flight to Thailand and see that it might be far away from being the cheapest destination to fly to, you’ll realize that this is the only step where you will be spending. Phuket has been known for being friendly with on-budget travelers as it counts with a lot of options on splurge accommodations and even low-key ones. The Patong Beach and the Racha Ya Island are between the most popular beach zones.

Next up, in Europe, we come to fin Algarve in Portugal. You’ll get there via the Faro Airport and will fall in love with the quietness of its villages and the emotion of its local parties. It’s a great destination to relax as it doesn’t offer just beach activities but many cultural experiences handed by the locals. You’ll feel in heaven when visiting the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, the Cabo de Sao Vicente or just with a ride along the coast.

Next up, the Virginia Beach in the United States has been widely recognized for being friendly with those on-budget visitors. It counts with the option of setting up a tent in the camps of the First Landing State Park. If you’re into surfing, you can sign up for some contests during summer or maybe just relax while walking through the precious boardwalk.

Last, but not least, Ocho Ríos in Jamaica, a place where there are many small hotels that offer cheap accommodations and are close to the best local restaurants that offer you all the Caribbean taste. It is close from the beautiful Montego Bay and you can do relaxing activities such as meeting newlyweds on their honeymoon while swimming by waterfalls or hiking through the hills. As one of the most beautiful and budget friendly destinations of the Caribbean, this is a must go.

Relaxation doesn’t need to involve high spending. Choose a destination and plan your trip!