The first things to do after you arrive to your travelling destination

The first things to do after you arrive to your travelling destination The first things to do after you arrive to your travelling destination

Travelling is a huge pleasure, an amazing experience that we all need to live at least once in a lifetime, our planet is so big and so small at the same time, there are a lot of places to be visited, mother nature has made every part of this world worthy to be seen and enjoyed, there are many different places some of them near to us other far away, but this is also a small world, thanks to the latest technology the most distant destinations are within reach.

You arrived, what to do first


Arriving to your destination is exciting, you surely has enjoyed the trip, sometimes the journey is awesome  for itself, but then excitement of it is over and you are in the place you planned to be, you are tired because the trip and the immigration procedures and paperwork, you are in your room and ask to yourself, what do I do first?


1- First, you should let your family and friends know you arrived, this could seem a little unpleasant, you just ended the journey and have to write messages or make some calls but it is important, they are probably worried for you and as an additional benefit for your own safety is a good idea keep your relatives informed about your schedule.


2- Check your room, exhaustively, check the supplies, the bathroom, the tap fittings, etc., it is better that you find some inconvenient right in that moment than discover the problems when you are tired, finished the day and go to take a shower or sleep


3- Unpack  and organize everything, then you will have the rest of the day for all your activities or if you have arrived at night, you will be able to sleep without that preoccupation in your head, put your tempting and expensive stuff out of sight, and not visible from the outside through the open door, in the event that some stranger is passing by and your door is wide open.


4- Go for a walk, know the neighborhood, where are interesting stores, restaurants, etc., that will clear your mind after the journey and will fill you with the energy you lost travelling, besides it is a good way to fight the jet lag.


5- Get right into vacation, start the fun!, take pictures of everything!, don’t waste time, you will regret it, start with your planned activities, that will help you to fulfill are your goals concerning to your dreamed vacations on time, you will treasure every moment.


So, instead of falling sleep just when you have arrived, start the adventure and enjoy your trip.