Things you should never leave behind on your trip to Africa

Things you should never leave behind on your trip to Africa Things you should never leave behind on your trip to Africa

Africa is an incredible tourist destination, it is an exotic continent full of mystery and beauty, its landscapes have a legendary beauty that always leave us wanting for more, this continent is a very popular place for tourist even when it has many countries belonging to third world, there are some issues to face but nothing that cannot be solved with some precautions.


Traveling to Africa, living an exotic dream

Africa is more than safaris, it is not only those images and stereotypes that have seen in TV and cinema, it is much more, this continent has modern places and big cities where we can find everything we need or want, its waters offer a lot of fun, adventures and relax, there are many exciting water sports to be practiced there, amazing mountains, parks, etc, you can enjoy the modern Southafrica or the wild and small Malawi, there are something for everyone.

This is a big continent with very diverse climates, and with customs and cultures different from ours so there are some things that you must know before travel, you should do your usual research about your destination, about climate, the season, many areas are very hot, but some places like Morocco have a very cold winter, you also need to know if you’re going in a rainy season or what is considered unappropriated regarding to behavior or clothes.


What you need to take to Africa

Hiking shoes, hiking is one of the most popular activities to be done in Africa due the beautiful landscapes everywhere, a good pair of sturdy ventilated shoes will be a great asset for you, they will help you a lot, you also should take with you shower flip flops and sturdy sandals that you can use in the pool or the beach.

About clothes, take light and loose pants and shirts in light colors, the weather in many parts of Africa is very hot and you’ll need some refreshing clothes, a sarong is very useful, that can be used in several ways., remember that revealing clothes is considered unappropriated in many parts of Africa and just take one pair of jeans, they are too heavy and hot, and don´t forget your swimsuit.

Sunglasses, sunscreen, you will love to have any solar protection with you especially if your skin is very white.

Don´t forget your smartphone with small size portable charger, and backup battery, even if you have a good phone take a high quality camera, it worth it.

Power adapter (Universal and Southafrica) this is very important because the plugs and wall socket may be very different and Southafrican plug is not comprehended in universal adapter.

Lifestraw, because you should avoid to drink tap water, it is not safe.

A first aid kit, containing, besides your regular medication, activated charcoal, antihistamine cream, mosquito and bugs repellent, antiseptic cream, band-aid, dramamine, etc. you should also take hand sanitizer and wet wipes with you.